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Yukio Ito ChairmanOkinawa Open Laboratory

Okinawa Open Laboratory will host Okinawa Open Days 2017 at Okinawa Jichikaikan from December 4th to 7th.
The topic for this year ’s Okinawa Open Days will be “the concentration of world-changing open technology and ideas.” We look forward to your participation.

Okinawa Open Days 2017 Greeting

The trend toward open source and software-based solutions in ICT infrastructure technology affects service users and providers / operators in all areas based on actual use cases. Moreover, the situation is changing from moment to moment on a daily basis with specific cases such as IoT being raised about the scope of application.

SDN / NFV technology, which is an advanced ICT infrastructure technology, and cloud technology, have been steadily progressing and expanding, and with attention focused on utilization for real business, provision of solutions and commercialization are accelerating. A recent trend in the introduction of these solutions and products is the increasing number of cases where, rather than only seeking technical significance, service providers and corporate users make effective use of the technology in the true sense, analyzing existing business process and rules and, for example, renewing business processes and rules that incorporate the concept of DevOps.

In addition, there are more and more examples where technology innovation through open source software has shown to be advantageous in terms of technology content, human resources development, and speed, cost, etc., compared to innovation done by a single company. In this type of innovation stakeholders involved in the development community collaborate and exchange knowledge with one another. Examples include de facto standardization such as OpenStack and formation of ecosystems.

Anticipating these trends, Okinawa Open Laboratory (OOL), was founded in 2013 as a research and development organization unique in the world, themed on the keywords of fusion and concrete implementation (use case) of SDN / NFV technology, cloud technology and open source. Over the past five years, OOL has conducted research on infrastructure technologies, constructed and operated test beds, held forums, developed human resources, been involved in international conferences and exchanges, and researched use cases and markets. Further enhancing its uniqueness, since 2013 OOL has also held its own international event "Okinawa Open Days,” a platform for the introduction of next generation ICT infrastructure that contributes to its commercialization and popularization.

This year's Okinawa Open Days will continue from last year, with the concept of "Gathering of Open Technologies and Ideas to Change the World ” and will be a more open international event, with lectures and discussions for the participants on aspects such as technological development and business, users and providers / operators, top engineers and students, Japan and overseas (especially Asia).

In addition, as a feature of this year, we are planning to build a program that combines a large conference hall where many participants can hear about actual use cases and introductions of themes, with small conference halls for deeper technical discussions, and workshops for hands-on experiences.

———Okinawa Open Days 2017 Program———

Theme1. Introduction of application examples of open source technology
We will introduce practical examples of business improvement and new business innovation through the use and combination of open source software and hardware in services and solutions currently being implemented by telecommunications carriers and corporate users.

Theme2. Introduction and discussion on regional ICT policy
Currently there are many examples of active use of ICT in various regions of Japan such as Okinawa. We will introduce regional use cases and ICT technologies with high affinity to the community, which are realized not only by government revitalization policies (special zones, etc.) but also by creative ingenuity.

Theme3. Discussion on latest use cases and supporting technologies
This theme will delve into technologies and discuss use cases such as blockchains, IoT etc., which are within the scope of new ICT infrastructure technology, as content and challenging initiatives that will grow from now.

Theme4. Introduction of Okinawa Open Laboratory activities and vision
OOL carries out various activities based on member proposals. As we carry out this work, the outputs from our international research activities, focused mainly on Asia, and human resource development activities are beginning to spread across Japan. We will introduce the latest OOL activities and our future vision.

We hope that the conceptual theme of Okinawa Open Days 2017, "Gathering of Open Technologies and Ideas to Change the World" will help participants make use of open technology focused on future SDN / NFV / cloud technology and assist in the formulation of policies and measures for R&D and international expansion.
We are sincerely looking forward to your participation in the event.

December 4 (Monday) to December 7 (Thursday) 2017
Organized by
Okinawa Open Laboratory
Okinawa Jichikaikan (Asahi-machi, Naha-shi, Okinawa)
Entry fee
Free (prior registration required) number of participants: 700
December 6 (Wednesday) 2017 18:00
RIHGA Royal Gran Okinawa「Dining19」
(Fee: 7,000 yen Prior registration required)
Date: December 6 (Wednesday) 2017 18:00
Fee: 7,000 yen / person
Venue: Rihga Royal Gran Okinawa Hotel 「Dining19」
Application: Applications can be made at the same time as applying for program participation

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Okinawa Jichikaikan: a 5-minute walk from Asahibashi station on the Yui Rail line
116-37 Asahi-machi, Naha-shi, Okinawa 900-0029 Access
Okinawa Jichikaikan website
【Party venue】
RIHGA Royal Gran Okinawa
1-9 Asahimachi, Naha, Okinawa, 900-0029, Japan
RIHGA Royal Gran Okinawa website