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Greetings from the Organizer
Basic ICT technology is steadily evolving as the relative importance of converting development to open source and to software increases, and it is dealing with new conditions as the environment surrounding it changes.

As the temporary mood of receptiveness that once greeted SDN and cloud technology has peaked and attention has focused on the development of reliable technologies, the offering of solutions based on specific usage methods and conversion into products have accelerated. Cases of service providers and corporate users adopting these solutions and products for business use are increasing.

Meanwhile, technical innovations in SDN and cloud technology through open source software development have advanced as development community members have collaborated and shared insights to achieve a development process that would be hard for a single company to realize from a cost, human resources and technical perspective. This has sped up technical development and caused an ecosystem to form, and as a result those technical innovations have become de facto standards.

Okinawa Open Laboratory is an internationally unique research and development organization leading these trends based on the themes of use cases, open source and fusing SDN and cloud technologies during the three years since its founding.

To achieve these themes, we are engaged in activities including open “technological development, test bed configuration and use, and human resource development and interaction.”

As one aspect of those activities, since 2013 we have been holding the original international event Okinawa Open Days, which completely harmonizes SDN and OpenStack, with the extensive cooperation of members of the SDN Japan Executive Committee and of the OpenStack User Group.

This year, bearing in mind the grand sum of Okinawa Open Laboratory’s activities over three years, as an Asian hub location-wise and in other senses of the word, we will create an opportunity for networking among people from Japan and abroad, and particularly from the countries of Asia, on SDI technology centered on open source software development.

As an international conference to create opportunities for information dissemination and discussion, Okinawa Open Days 2015 will be held in Okinawa for the five days from Dec. 14 to 18, a significantly longer period than past events.

We are putting together the following program for Okinawa Open Days 2015 in order to realize the above concept.

• Examples of utilization and issues based on use cases
As one technology trend that exceeds the boundaries of the technological areas of SDN and cloud technology, servers, network equipment and even storage and hardware have been abstracted through virtualization technology, and software-defined infrastructure (SDI), which permits these resources to be controlled through software, has come into being. SDI has made possible cost reductions and increased user-friendliness and its usefulness has begun to be recognized. This technology trend is increasing users’ motivation to adopt SDI and it is further invigorating the SDN and cloud market. So while last year we held a program that completely harmonized SDN and cloud technology from a technical standpoint, this year we will prepare a program of examples of SDI utilization and issues based on users’ point of view, including use cases and the like.

• Community and international interaction
As we did last year, we have invited as guests key members of well-known open-source communities (the Open Stack Foundation, the Open Networking Foundation [ONF] and others) and we are creating opportunities for interaction in which voices from communities in Asia in particular can be heard in person. We will also prepare an environment that allows participants to listen to the main programs in English.

• Report on three years of achievements by Okinawa Open Laboratory
To report on our results, we will provide a comprehensive survey through lectures and exhibitions of the research and development carried out over the course of three years by Okinawa Open Laboratory.
Regarding the aforementioned program, we will carry out lectures and hands-on tutorials in two tracks addressing different target groups as described below.

• General track (aimed at decision-makers with an interest in and high utilization rate of ICT, at marketing managers and at engineers who have experience with SDN/cloud technology):
lectures on technical trends, examples, and industry trends (in Japan and abroad)

• Special track (aimed at engineers who have experience with SDN/cloud technology and wish to deepen their skills):
Hands-on tutorials for a deep dive into the technology and examples

This year, the special track will be held from Dec. 14 to 18, the general track will be held on Dec. 17 to 18.

• Use case research (SDSG)
The Okinawa Open Laboratory carries out an activity called service design study groups (SDSGs). In it, we hear presentations on ideas about the future and the latest trends from people in industries other than ICT and expand our knowledge through discussions with lecturers and participants, which leads to the discovery of new ICT use cases. The content is not limited to SDN and the cloud, but rather relates to ICT in general and is easy-to-understand.
We hope the occasion of Okinawa Open Days 2015 will assist participants with their future use of cloud and networking technologies, research and development and international expansion planning.

We look forward to seeing you there.

General Information
Dates: December 14(Mon) to 18(Fri), 2015

Hosted by:Okinawa Open Laboratory, a General Incorporated Association

Venue:Okinawa Jichikaikan(Asahi-machi, Naha, Okinawa)

Registration Fee:Free (Prior registration required)

Partcipants: Approx 700

Banquet: December 17(Thu) 19:00 (Prior registration required)